How to Avoid GMOs

How to Avoid GMOs

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This video is to address the concerns people have regarding GMO foods and to offer suggestions on what foods to avoid and where they can be bought. If you have any further questions about GMOs that this video does not address or would like to talk further about this topic I would be happy to connect with you.

How to avoid GMOs:
1) Avoid processed food, especially products that contain soy, corn and canola
2) Buy organic whenever possible
3) Practice a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle

Where to shop to avoid GMOs:
1) The organic of health food section of large food chains
2) Farmers markets and local food stands
3) Food co-ops and organic home delivery services

Further Tips:
1) Join the local March Against Monsanto chapter in your area on FB or subscribe to their newsletter online. These groups post extensive information on current issues regarding GMOs, what companies to avoid and provide ways in which you can help support the non-GMO movement.
2) Here is a website that lists companies and products that do not use GMOs as well as a list of companies that do use GMOs or are against GMO labeling:
3) Ask questions and keep asking them. Talk to your friends and family about GMOs and become an active participant in the food system you want for your family, your community and your world.

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