How the Water Can Make You Wealthy This Year

How the Water Can Make You Wealthy This Year

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Spiritual & Mental

Pray. Prayer starts your day with humility, realizing that there is something greater than yourself to live for.
Meditate. If you don’t know how to meditate, try the app “Headspace”. No I don’t get paid for that recommendation. Yoga or stretching helps as well. Meditation helps you start your day with clarity of mind.
Be Thankful. Gratitude creates happiness. Start each day saying what you’re thankful for, starting with the cup of coffee. It’s a pretty simple concept if you think like a father does. When you are thankful for your blessings, you receive more. When you are ungrateful, than even what you have will be taken away. And until my 4 year old learns that, he’s not getting his nerf gun back. Practice gratitude, not just in the morning, but 6 times a day if you can.
Dream and vision your day. Spend each morning dreaming of your perfect day. Our brains are like heat seeking missiles. Dreaming plugs in the coordinates, so that whatever obstacles you have throughout the day, your brain will naturally navigate around it until you’ve reached your destination.
Find a way to serve others. Think beyond yourself.


Win the first battle of the day. Don’t hit snooze on the alarm clock. Let your mind master your physical passions by not giving into them. Wake up!
Exercise daily 6 days out of the week. Run, jump, squat, throw up. Avoid that last part. You get the point.
Eat and drink right. Nothing cannibalizes your exercise success like eating or drinking like a fat s.o.b. (Guilty). Save the alcohol for occasions or weekends. Avoid carbs. Avoid genetically modified food. Eat organic.

Intellectual & Financial

Read read read.
Learn to value and pursue wisdom. Spend your free time pursuing wisdom. Instead of listening to music every time you drive, split the time and get an audiobook, or pull up a “How To” video on YouTube. Every time you use the bathroom for an extended period of time, (this guy knows what I’m talkin about), instead of playing bubble breaker, go to Teachable or Udemy and watch a course on how to do something, or read an ebook. Wisdom=wealth. Who knew that what you do whilst taking a deuce could make you so rich.
Find a positive mentor or role model for something that interests you.
Take your wisdom and make money with it. Invest that money into assets that bring you more money. Rinse and repeat.


Realize that you will attract people in your life like yourself. You want friends that are positive and build you up? You need to be positive and bring others up.
Put first people first in your life. God first, spouse second, children third, friends fourth, business relationships fifth, community sixth. Don’t rearrange the order or it won’t pan out well for you.
Eliminate unhealthy relationships. 2 people just popped in your mind. Don’t text them back. Tell them your business relationship is no longer mutually beneficial.
That said, don’t be a quitter. Work and fight for the relationships that are important. Don’t confuse hard times with someone with an unhealthy relationship. These are you usually your top 3: God, spouse, and kids need to be fought for. It’s normally certain friends or business relationships you need to cut.
Spend 40% of your time with people you admire, can mentor you, and build you up. Spend 40% of your time with people like you. Spend 20% of your time in relationships where you are the one building them up. Never be in a relationship with someone that brings you down, or that you bring down.
The water attracts us, enriches our life, enchants us, and inspires us. We can grow to the person we were created to be by practicing the holistic nature of the water, improving our mind, body, and spirit simultaneously. Full disclosure, a boat will not bring you wealth. You can be a millionaire by owning a boat, but only if you were a billionaire first. The boat you see in the pictures has been sold. But I digress: I hope your New Year bring you wealth in mind body and spirit!

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