Health Alert: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Health Alert: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

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This is an important message about genetically modified foods, and the implications for human health and the biosphere of our planet.

These technologies have not been properly tested, and I ask you to do your own research into the issue, this is simply an introduction.

Wake up world.

The awakening is here.


We are what we eat: Do you KNOW what is in your food?

It is very important that we avoid GMO foods. They have not been adequately tested for human / biosphere safety.

These countries are top GMO food producers.

The most common modified foods are: soybeans, corn, canola, and cotton seed oil.

Start reading labels. You should note that corn syrup and soy lecithin are present in most foods.

(I’m going to rant about Monsanto, but they’re not the ONLY company. Keep it in mind)

Monsanto is best known for it’s pesticides (Round up).

They also have produced some of the most toxic chemicals / chemical weapons.

They are now trying to gain a monopoly over our food supply.

Watch “The World According to Monsanto” or “The Future of Food”

Do some more research and you will find they are not a company to be trusted.

Much of Europe has banned GMOs.

In Canada, a bill that would require labels for GMO foods was shot down in parliament.

Yet, they say they’re concerned about our health and safety.


This is disturbing, but what can we do?

The first step is to go organic. I know it’s much more expensive 🙁

Fresh organic foods do not contain GMOs. They are also free of pesticides.

Going organic is only part of the solution.

A more sustainable long-term solution is to grow your own food.

Collect seeds, we should all have a personal “seed bank”.

If you don’t have land, try to organize a community garden or look into ones already set up.

There are often farmers markets as well, you can ask the farmer directly if they use GMO or pesticides.

Eating locally is really the best solution, but it must be organic to avoid GMO.

Another long-term solution is to organize grassroots activism to influence political action.

Parliament must act if enough public outcry is costing them votes.

It is important to get labels on GMO foods.

Contact your MP and the Prime Minister. The Minister of Health or Agriculture are also good choices.

Contact the media and state your concern about GMOs and government inaction.

Together, we can change this world.

It starts with one person, everything you think or do, it DOES make a difference.

Every small change makes a difference.

Namaste friends.


Apologies to the visually impaired, I need a microphone or a better voice simulator.

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