GMO’s, Monsanto and commentary on standing up for what’s right – YouTube

GMO’s, Monsanto and commentary on standing up for what’s right –  YouTube

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US pressures El Salvador to buy Monsanto’s GMO seeds

The biggest worry weighing on the US food industry may not be drought in the West, farmworker shortages or turbulent international trade negotiations, but a change in the regulatory code in Vermont.

Under a law signed this month, the tiny New England state, population 626,000, will soon require that food companies tell consumers which products on grocers’ shelves have genetically modified ingredients. In doing so, Vermont could force food growers, processors and retailers to upend how they serve hundreds of millions of customers nationwide.

Agribusiness firms and trade associations have poured tens of millions of dollars into political advertising and consultants to campaign against GMO labeling requirements and have enlisted members of Congress in a bid to outlaw state labeling rules. Industry officials have also vowed to sue Vermont, hoping to block its rule in court.

We do not know enough or have all the information on the negative effects of GMO’s on humans and on the planet’s environments.

The new study by University of Guelph of environmental influences on monarch butterflies has thrown into sharp focus what appears to be the most crucial factor affecting the migrating insect’s survival: loss of milkweed.

Tyler Flockhart, a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Guelph and lead author of the study says evidence points to the U.S. corn belt, where increased cultivation of genetically modified corn and soybean crops comes with a devastating side effect for milkweed.

When GM crops are planted, fields are sprayed with herbicides to wipe out any wild plants that don`t share the crops’ genetically engineered protection.

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