GMOs in USDA Organic Food (updated)

GMOs in USDA Organic Food (updated)

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USDA certified organic foods may be corrupted by genetically modified organisms. This presentation reveals the federal statutes that actually allow for this to happen, by way of “careless” verbiage. It is shorter and better informed version of a presentation released last year, by the same name.

In addition to what is mentioned in the video, I’d like paraphrase from S205.204 (a)(1), that organically “produced” seeds from non-organic seed stock are stated to be solely used for edible sprouts… but back to S205.204 (a)(1): if someone files a variance, then technically if they grow a crop from non organic seeds under that specific clause, there is no verbiage preventing them from using those seeds for livestock or people in S205.201 or in 205.204 (a)(3), unlike in S205.204 (a)(1), where the Except clause is part of the complete statement. The Except clause should be a crucial separate clause in itself, applicable to all of them. Incomplete/loophole verbiage here that a corporation could weasel out of.

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