GMOs and Biotechnology – The Food Dialogues: New York

GMOs and Biotechnology – The Food Dialogues: New York

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A panel of experts gathered in New York to discuss the most pressing questions in modern agriculture. In part 3 we have brought together specialists in the fields of biotechnology and GMOs such as:

What impact do GMOs have on the environment and long-term health?
What more is needed to educate consumers about how their food is grown and raised?
What role does science play when addressing issues tied to food, including health concerns, drought and feeding a growing population?

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The Panel:

Dr. Bob Goldberg, plant molecular biologist currently using genomics to identify all of the genes required to “make a seed”, UCLA

Jerry Slocum, Mississippi soybean farmer

Dr. Julie Howard, Chief Scientist, Food Security, USAID

Gregory Jaffe, Director of Biotechnology, CSPI

Fred Kirschenmann, president of the board of directors, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture and distinguished fellow, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University

Cheryl Rogowski, New York organic farmer

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