GMO Tomatoes, they have ARRIVED!

GMO Tomatoes, they have ARRIVED!

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Understand that I am not promoting the creation of GMO tomatoes. Quite the opposite. I put this video together as an eye opener to what is being done by un-natural introduction of genes into this particular plant. And to show that what they are claiming to be trying to do, make a fruit that is high in the healthy antioxidant anthocyanin, can be achieved through normal hybridization. This keeps the tomato plant true to its genus without introducing something as foreign as snapdragon genes.

The tomato “Indigo Rose” is one such plant. It started out in the normal hybridization process (hybridizing has been done for centuries) and has now been bred out to a true open-pollinated variety, which if my grandmother had done it, we would now be calling it an “Heirloom”.

GMO Tomatoes have finally arrived. New frankenstein “Blueberry Tomatoes” have been created. Nothing to do with blueberries except the color. They are gene spliced with a gene from the flower, snapdragon.
Link to original BBC news stories;

Link to the development of Indigo Rose, a true tomato that has the same antioxidant
properties that the GMO people were trying to develop in tomatoes. Only without the frankenstien factor. Although these are hybrids (not the same thing as GMO), they have been breed out to come true to type. In other words they are now an open pollinated variety that the seeds can be saved and will come back true for you.

Where you can get the seed for the Indigo Rose and the other Indigo tomatoes mentioned at the end of the video;

GMO = A genetically modified organism, an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. (Wikipedia)

And other indigo series tomatoes;

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