GMO Soy and Breast Cancer

GMO Soy and Breast Cancer

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DESCRIPTION: This is the final installment of a 4-part videos series on the latest science on the public health implications of genetically engineered crops in our food supply. Check out the first three here:

Are GMOs Safe? The Case of Bt Corn (
Are GMOs Safe? The Case of Roundup Ready Soy (
Is Monsanto’s Roundup Pesticide Glyphosate Safe?(

For more on soy and breast cancer, see Breast Cancer Survival ( and Soy and BRCA Breast Cancer Genes and Soy (

To put the GMO issue in perspective in terms of the death and disability resulting from the standard American diet, see Lifestyle Medicine: Treating the Causes of Disease ( and my live presentations Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death ( and From Table to Able: Combating Disabling Diseases with Food (

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