GMO Persuassive

GMO Persuassive

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I. Introduction
A. GMO Genetically Modified Organism, what is it?
B. 64 Countries around world require GE food to be labeled but not U.S. (O’Neill,2015)
C. Are they bad for us/ how to find them
II. History of GMO
A. 2000 Monsanto Patent going to end
1. Roundup Ready Crops
2. Corn, Soy, Sugar Beets
3. Most in processed foods
B. Seeds are Patent
1. Farmer enter contract/ can’t collect seeds
2. If pollinated NON GMO Monsanto will sue
3. Want control/ sustain seeds of life
III. Health Studies
A. Seralini Rats (Seralini, 2000)
1. 2 year study/ full life of rat feed NK603 GMO Corn
2. 14 Months(30-40 human years) 10-30% females tumors/ control no tumors
3. 24 Months 50-80% females had up to 3 tumors per animal
4. Males showed liver and kidney levels showed decreased function
B. We were all part of a large uncontrolled experiment Dr. Lawrence Plumlee (Smith, 2012)
1. Autism, Allergies, Cancer, Infertility and Diabetes (Smith 2012)

2. Reverse damage 2weeks -2 months from Non GMO diet
C. Rodale Institute
1. 12 year study Organic Vs. Conventional
2. Organic corn and soybean produce identical amounts of yield
3. In years of drought Organic corn yield was 31% higher to GMO
IV. Right To Know
A. U.S. as much as 80% of conventional processed foods(Non GMO Project)
B. The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015 (Jacobson, 2015)
1. Also called DARK Act
2. Passed in July 2015 by House of Representatives
3. If it is voted into law will block states from labeling foods as GE
C. FDA and Monsanto Employees (Johnson, 2014)
1. Margaret Miller top Monsanto Scientist was Deputy Director of FDA in the 1990s
2. Toby Moffett Monsanto Consultant and U.S. Congressman
D. Absence of Mandatory Labels Voluntary Labels
1. USDA Organic
2. NON GMO Project Label
3. Beware of “Natural”
4. Buy Local Farmers Market/ Own Garden
V. Conclusion
A. Pesticides now being found in Water sources, Rain, Air and Human Urine
B. Currently no Legislation in Nebraska so voice your opinion
C. What are you eating?


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