GMO NIGHTMARE: Animal Transgenics – The Shocking Story

GMO NIGHTMARE: Animal Transgenics – The Shocking Story

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The science of Genetically Engineered Animals, Insects and Bio Technology aka; Animal Transgenics has become highly controversial and may adversely effect are daily lives. From the food we eat and the medicines we take, to the environmental impact, our government agencies that form the policies and regulations to protect the public and our environment, are not equipped to handle the possible dangers of this new emerging science which has become controlled by major corporations in an effort to turn a profit at the expense of public safety and our environment. The products we use in our daily lives and the environment we live in are being controlled by corporate greed to turn a profit. Discover some of the shocking facts in this stunning and long overdo interview from UFOTV, featuring Dr. Michael Hansen from The Consumer Policy Institute and Consumer Reports.


Topics included in this interview:
1. Human Safety and Environmental Safety
2. Policies and Regulations
3. FDA: Food & Drug Administration
4. USDA: US Department of Agriculture
5. EPA: Environmental Protection Agency
6. DHHS: Department of Health and Human Services
7. US Fish and Wildlife Service
8. New Animal Drugs – Animals as Drugs
9. Engineered Arthropods – Insects: Spiders, Mites, Mosquitoes & Crustaceans
10. Engineered Arthropods that could be Vectors for Animal Decease
11. Engineered Arthropods that could be Vectors for Human Decease
12. Industry Scientists working for Both Sides – Federal Vs Corporate
13. Public Perception Regarding Genetically Modified Foods
14. The Novel Foods Act
15. The Coordinated Frame Work – Regulating New Bio Technologies Using Existing Laws
16. The Plant Pest Act
17. Agra Bacterium Tuma Face Yums
18. Regulating Fish as New Animal Drugs
19. Genetically Engineered Micro Organisms
20. New Chemicals Vs New Living Organisms
21. TSCA: Toxic Substance Control Act
22. Dangers Regarding Pesticides Residue On Food
23. You Can’t Recall a Released Living Organism
24. Consumers Prefer Genetically Engineered Free Produce
25. The Negative Effects of Genetic Engineering on Food Exports
26. RBGH: Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone or BST: Bovine Somatotropin- Cattle Growth Hormone
27. IGF-1: Insulin Like Growth Factor #1 for Stimulating Milk Production – Linked to Tumors and Cancer
28. 1/3 of all Cattle in the US are Treated for Mastoids Infections and Other Health Problems
29. The Failure of the Press to Report the Negative Facts about Animal Transgenics and Genetic Engineering
30. Corporate Pressure to Prevent Regulatory Laws for Animal Transgenics, Bio and Genetic Engineering
31. The Controversy of Calcium Channel Blockers
32. Who is Funding the Research?
33. Controversy Regarding the Meat and Milk from Cloned Animals
34. Environmental Safety Assessments for Engineered Organisms
35. The Dangers of Animals and Plants that are Engineered to Produce Drugs and Industrial Chemicals

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