GMO Labeling

GMO Labeling

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A group of local citizens organized by wants Ingles Markets to label genetically modified foods. They’ve collected 2,000 petitions to present to the grocery chain to persuade them to apply pressure on grocery store manufacturers.The group believes GMO ingredients and foods may be harmful to your health and want manufacturers to label products so consumers can make the choice. Ingles says it supports legislation that enables the FDA to call for manufacturers and farmers to identify products that are GMO- Free. The stores CFO says it also provides customers with a wide variety of options and choices including USDA certified organic products (which by definition are non-GMO -not genetically engineered).The owner of West Village Market and Deli sells Non GMO certified products. Rosanne Kiely believes they’re a healthier option because we just don’t know the long term effects of consuming GMOs.

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