GMO-FREE REGIONS – Akiko Frid, Soup&Talk 2016

GMO-FREE REGIONS – Akiko Frid, Soup&Talk 2016

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Nach der „Wir haben Agrarindustrie satt!“-Demo ist vor der Aktion! Beim Soup&Talk in der Heinrich Böll Stiftung ging es am 16.01.2016 wie jedes Jahr im Anschluss an die große Demo zur Sache: Bäuerinnen und Bauern, Initiativen und Aktive aus Deutschland, Europa und Übersee berichteten über ihre Erfolge, Kampagnen, von ihrem Widerstand und Innovationen in der Landwirtschaft.

After the “We Are Fed Up!” demo is before the action! At the Soup&Talk event at Heinrich Böll Foundation on 16.01.2016 as every year directly after the big demo we had great input for discussion: Farmers, initiatives and activists from Germany, Europe and overseas reported on their campaigns, successes, their resistance and innovations in food and farming.

The GMO-Free Regions organise conferences regularly and also provide information and related news in order to encourage Europe and other countries in the world to also declare themselves as GMO-Free zones.

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