GMO Free Idaho: The Not So Sweet Side of Sugar | GMO Sugar Beets

GMO Free Idaho: The Not So Sweet Side of Sugar | GMO Sugar Beets

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fbt-banner-728x901 – Leslie Stoddard of GMO Free Idaho on “The Not So Sweet Side of Sugar.” When making coffee this morning I started to think about the days when I used to use GMO sugar as my sweetener.

In this video I give a brief description of what GMO sugar is and how you can avoid it.

I had to share my thoughts and the alternatives that I now use to GMO sugar.

Most consumers are totally unaware that most of the sugar we consume comes from genetically modified sugar beets. GMO sugar beets make up 95% of the sugar industry. This is similar to the Conola industry…it is not possible to by conventional Conola because GMO has completely take over the market.

The good news was that a judge in California ruled that the USDA must stop all planting of Sugar Beets until the proper studies can be done. The studies should be done in 2012. The USDA responded by deregulating Sugar Beets. It is no wonder since the USDA has been bought out by Monsanto the leading biotech company.

The bright side…we as consumers hold the power with our voting dollar. We can decide if we want GMO crops in our food supply or want non-gmo food.

GMO Sugar Alternatives – Cane sugar is non-gmo. Look on the label if it says “Cane Sugar” and not just “Sugar” you know it is GMO free.

Sugar is in the raw alternative is not actually raw sugar but it is less refined and still has some of the molasses in it. It is used to make brown sugar.

Avoid GMO in your low calorie sweetners. Avoid aspertame (which is a whole other issue). Instead use Stevia, it is non GMO.

In the 1990’s when GMOs came out on the market Stevia was becoming popular in the USA. At that time the FDA refused to approve as a food additive.

My favorite sweeteners:

Raw Agave is completely unrefined. You can use just a little. It is perfect for making dressing and cooking.

Raw honey is my absolute favorite. I like to try different varieties for the local Idaho farmers. There is no guarantee it is GMO free because of cross pollination. Even USDA approved organic honey is no guarantee.

Do you use any of these alternatives, or one that I didn’t talk about?

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