GMO Free Idaho: Idaho Alfalfa Seed Farmer, Phil Geertson

GMO Free Idaho: Idaho Alfalfa Seed Farmer, Phil Geertson

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fbt-banner-728x901 – Jenny Easley, the co-founder of GMO Free Idaho, and member Eric Brandt interviewed Phil Geertson, Idaho alfalfa farmer who lost his export market and Idaho farm when his conventional alfalfa seed was contaminated with the GMO trait.

Phil spent years developing his own alfalfa seed and was exporting to countries like New Zealand. When his seed become cross contaminated with Monsanto genetically modified alfalfa seed he lost his entire seed business.

In this video Phil talks about the effects of alfalfa on the milk we drink, Roundup Ready Alfalfa and the effects of Roundup Ready crops. He also talks about how Monsanto is influencing the USDA and the farm magazines you may be reading.

Phil joined the Center for Food Safety in a lawsuit against the USDA for not conducting proper environmental studies on the effects of GMO alfalfa in our environment. Phil and CFS lost the lawsuit this spring but are appealing the verdict.

GMO Free Idaho has been working with Phil since we formed this group in the Spring of 2010. His story is valuable, yet devastating. We can all take and learn something from Phil’s experience.

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