GMO Free Idaho: Boise “Real Food” Connection | Boise Idaho

GMO Free Idaho: Boise “Real Food” Connection |  Boise Idaho

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fbt-banner-728x901 – The GMO Free Idaho Team, Jenny Easley and Leslie Stoddard meet with Ryan Carson, a Boise, Idaho “locavore” who is dedicated to bringing our community together to enact much needed changes into our food supply.

Boise Real Food Connection creates community awareness for organic food Idaho. He makes sure we know where to find the best food in Boise.

Ryan was raise around whole grains. Getting sick made me make the move to organic and eating raw foods. Processed foods were the cause of the unhealthy condition he got in.

His environmental concerns and GMO food concerns: His first concerns are water, it is the most valuable resource. We have not done much to protect our watersheds and to keep it chemical free.

Local farms bring more security with being able to grow and sustain our neighbors on local foods.

Boise Food Connection was started on Facebook was started to help people find the best places to eat in Boise. Grocery stores might carry more local and whole foods.

Plus there are more and more people wanting to eat raw foods so the group is to bring together the community and help us grow faster.

Leslie found a co-opp buy for fresh organic strawberries on the Real Food Connection Facebook page.

GMO Free Idaho will be participating in Community Progressive this June 9th in Davis Park Boise, Idaho. It is a collection of local craftsmen, farmers, artists and musicians in a celebration of building stronger networks. So if you want to make a difference there will be a lot of non-profit groups there you can join.

GMO Free Idaho will be giving a presentation.

Ryan expresses his views on Genetically modified foods, GMO Labeling.
You must be a vigilante in your food shopping. Eating out can be hard for example we do not know of any restaurant that uses non-gmo oil. There are so many aspects that is can be hard to wrap you head around it which is why me need to get foods labeled. If you don’t know what to avoid you can’t avoid it. We are being rob of the ability to make decisions for ourselves. I do not want to be a Genetic experiment.

Working with groups like The Boise Real Food Connection will make it so much easier to go for the GMO Labeling ballot initiative.

You can join Ryan’s group here:

There are a lot of events planned…farm tours, pot luck etc.

Thank you Ryan…we appreciate all you do to bring the Boise community and all of Idaho how together for better health and better communities.

Leslie Stoddard and Jenny Easley, Co-Founders, GMO Free Idaho

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