GMO Free Florida Event Jeffrey Smith, House Bill and GM Mosquitoes

GMO Free Florida Event Jeffrey Smith, House Bill and GM Mosquitoes

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Genetically engineered mosquitoes? Yes, that’s what the powers-that-don’t-care are up to. We’ve got to wake up and say no.

Plus, Florida’s labeling initiative – are you involved? It’s easy to make a call.

And Jeffrey Smith, author of “Seeds of Deception” and “Genetic Roulette” will be in Florida this month!

Liam Scheff, author of “Official Stories,” interviews Trish Sheldon, co-founder of GMO Free Florida on upcoming events.

Jeffrey Smith and GMOFreeFlorida events:

Tampa: 1/16/14 from 6:30 to 9:30 Jeffrey Smith speaking in Tampa-leading spokesperson on the health dangers of GMOs at Oval Theatre at Marshall Student Center, University of South Florida, 4103 USF Cedar Dr, Tampa, FL 33620

Coconut Creek 1/23/14 (4:00 PM to 8:30 PM) Press Reception and Panel of Experts Award Winning Author, Filmmaker, Jeffrey Smith, Institute for Responsible Technology Dr. Michael Hansen, Consumer Union |

Florida Keys: Jan. 27th & 28th (Location TBA)

Call your Florida Reps:

Look up GM Mosquitoes:

FLORIDA: Contact Tom Goodson, the Vice Chair of the Ag & Natural Resources Subcommittee, and ask him to co-sponsor HB-1 to label gmos – because you NEED TO KNOW IF IT’S GMO.

What to say : “I am calling to request that Rep. ___________ co-sponsor HB 1, the genetically engineered food labeling bill because we have the right to know what’s in the food we feed our families.”

If you have time to contact the rest of the committee members and ask them to support, please do that as well. The bill needs more public support for it to pass out of committee. You can do this, Florida!

Send an email to all State Reps today:

Tom Goodson: Phone: 321-383-5151 Email:

Other Committee members: Matt Caldwell: Phone: 239-694-0161 Email:

Kevin Rader: Phone: 561-218-5010 Email:

Halsey Beshears: Phone: 850-653-1213 Email:

Jim Boyd: Phone: 941-708-4968 Email:

Katie A. Edwards: Phone: 954-838-1371 Email:

Larry Lee, Jr.: Phone: 772-595-1391 Email:

Cary Pigman: Phone: 863-386-6000 Email:

Ray Pilon: Phone: 941-955-8077 Email:

Elizabeth W. Porter Phone: 386-719-4600 Email:

Betty Reed: Phone: 813-241-8024 Email:

Patrick Rooney, Jr.: Phone: 561-625-5176 Email:

Clovis Watson, Jr.: Phone: 352-264-4001 Email:

Click and send an email to your reps: Ask Florida to Pass HB 1 – GMO Label Requirement

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