GMO Beers to Avoid

GMO Beers to Avoid

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I have to admit that I was relieved to find out that a majority of the beers that have GMOs in them are nasty American beers that I don’t like anyway. I’m also not a hipster, so I’m totally okay with ruing Pabst Blue Ribbon along with all the other GMO-full beers that none of us should be drinking. And if you’re not a hipster, you shouldn’t be drinking PBR anyway. Seriously. Hang your head in shame you poverty-chic emulating hipster wannabe. Retire your beanie and just listen to Pandora. The audio quality on LPs sucks; that’s why we went to digital music in the first place. And nobody likes that granny dress, hipster chick. Just stop it. But before I get lost in all the reasons you shouldn’t be drinking like—or living like—a hipster, let me tell you why GMOs are a bad thing.

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