GMO a Go Go (HD)

GMO a Go Go (HD)

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GMO a Go Go (HD)

Τα διαβολικά σχέδια της Νέας Τάξης μέσα από τον έλεγχο του πληθυσμού της γης μέσας από το φαγητό.

Το σοβαρότατο αυτό πρόβλημα μέσα από ένα άκρως επιτυχημένο κινούμενο σχέδιο.

Προτρέπουμε όσους θέλουν να το κατεβάσουν, να το πάρουν στην HD εκδοχή του κατευθείαν από την ιστοσελίδα:

Poor Johnny doesn’t like “healthy” food. What could possibly
persuade him to eat all his “veggies”? –
Use the following for Tweets : @infomaticfilms #gmoagogo

You may use this film ONLY if it stays intact. No part of it
may be removed or used in part without our permission.
Please link back to our youtube chanel and website so others
can download their own copies and help get the word out
before it really is “GMO A Go Go!”.

Why bother downloading this via youtube! Just download your
own HD copy and upload to your own YT or vimeo channel.
Please keep the film intact though. We don’t want to report
users uploading ugly low-res copies, but we will! Get it in
fabulous HD! from our website: –

Wow! I want it now!

Written & Produced by Kirk Rutter

Drawn & Animated by Paul Davies

Voice over & Additional Script – Paul Birchard

Sound Design – Robert Kubicki

Music – Ray Davies/Audio Network

8 Bit Game Music – Harry Meas

Special thanks to :-
Mike Adams

Pesticide Action Network


GM Freeze

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