GM food threatens Russia

GM food threatens Russia

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Discussions about the dangers of genetically modified foods have been going on for years. Most recently, concerns appeared in the Russian society in connection with Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organization. It is said that severe restrictions on the imports and cultivation of transgenic products may come to nought. Many Russians became concerned about the issue after chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation Gennady Onishchenko said that GMOs and biotechnology were good for Russia.
Elena Sharoykina, the Director of the National Association for Genetic Security:
“There are many questions to the people involved in the decision-making process in our country. And the biggest question is why this discussion still exists in the Russian scientific community and in the society in general. The dispute of whether it is dangerous or safe is still on. Why does the Russian government consider it possible to allow in Russia the technology, the safety of which has not been proved yet.”
Meanwhile, some researchers, both in Russia and in Europe, recognize GMOs as a dangerous invention of mankind that leads to infertility, cancerous diseases and other serious disorders in the body. Irina Ermakova, is the only Russian scientist who decided to experiment with genetically modified food.
Irina Ermakova, Sc.D.:
“I used soybean flour as food for rats. I saw what happens to the offspring. It was simply terrible. Many little rats died, a part of them was underdeveloped. And I knew that this powder was used in almost all foods that people eat. And they tell me that I am not supposed to talk about it.”
After the publication of research results, Irina Ermakova had to endure a storm of criticism. However, none of the critics decided to conduct similar experiments in this area. But if you think about it, then we all get these additives in our food – first and foremost through soybeans. Soy flour is widely used today in a variety of products: semi-finished products, meat dumplings, sausages, bread and pastries. The most interesting thing is that before joining the WTO, Russia canceled the mark “contains no GMOs” as a mark that discredits other products. A question arises whether these discussions are relevant now, if the doors for genetically modified foods to Russia were opened a long time ago?

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