Germany Moves To Ban Cultivation of GM Crops

Germany Moves To Ban Cultivation of GM Crops

Latest Country To Move Against GM Seed Cultivation: Germany

Germany has begun moves ban the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops under new European Union rules, according to official documents.

The German move to ban GM crops will make use of new ‘opt-out’ rules to stop cultivation of genetically modified crops, even if varieties have been approved by the EU.

This may be a tipping point which could convince other EU Nations to follow suit.  Of course, there could be retaliation from US Big Ag as Wikileaks showed.

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A letter seen by news agency Reuters shows that German’s Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, has told state governments of his intention to inform the EU of the country’s intention to use the new clause to ban the growing of GM crops in the country.
National bans

Scotland became the first country to opt out of bloc-wide GM licence, a move it said was needed to preserve the country’s “clean and green brand”.

Germany’s agriculture minister has reportedly now said his country wants to follow suit. In a letter seen by the Reuters news agency, Christian Schmidt said Germany will persist with its previously-announced ban on all GM crops.

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