Genetically Modified Food GMOs MADNESS!!! (Mobile)

Genetically Modified Food GMOs MADNESS!!! (Mobile)

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Alert, Genetically Modified Foods are not your Friends! It will destroy you! Today we gonna talk about Genetically Modified Food. You may have heard about it but you don’t really know what it is all about. Today we having more than 30 000 items at the supermarket that contain GMO’s
twenty years of genetically engineered foods and it has never been so many cases of food allergies to peanuts, soy, gluten and many of the regular consumer have or will experience:

• Skin Rashes
• Respiratory Distress
• Intestine and Stomach Cancer
• Aggressive Behaviors
• Tumors
• Infertility
• Birth Defects
• Prostate Cancer
• Infectious Diseases
• Death

What is GMO’s, Genetically Modified Food, Genetically Engineered Food? At the beginning, scientists wanted to have a stronger plant that could resist to different temperatures variations and parasites. The easier was the tomato that they could easily mix with some fish DNA. So please remember that a plant can’t mix with animal and animals and plants can’t mix with humans in a natural state. In the Food Engineered Labs of this so called “Science for Progress of the Human Race” it’s possible but it’s looks more like a Frankenstein experiment and we only experience today the consequences of the first GM put on the market only a few years earlier. Scientists studying the effects on the body predicts that in three generation, the human race will be unable to reproduce itself if continuing eating those type of food. At your Local Food Market, today you can buy:

• Rice mixed with Pork and Human Breast Milk DNA
• Potatoes with Spider DNA
• Squash (Zucchini) & Sweet Peppers with Viruses
• Corn & Soybeans with Bacteria and multiple Chemical Toxins

Engineers also use viruses and bacteria to make them more robust to diseases and parasites but also to make sure that the plant would not reject the foreign DNA that belongs to an other species.
Most Common GMO’s Products are but not limited to (everyday there is more and more entering the market):

• Tomatoes
• Corn
• Potatoes
• Papaya
• Squash
• Peas
• Honey
• Sugar Beet
• Sweet Peppers
• Rice
• Flax Seeds ( by Organic only!)
• Cotton (female hygiene products and clothes, especially from China)

Additional Researches Concern: Fungus find in GMO’s Food and The Cancer Connection! GMO’s California 6th November 2012 Campaign.

Your favorite food in big chains restaurants do contain GMO’s Ingredients. Always eat Organic to avoid cancer and support small Farmer’s. By getting sick with the food we eat, the pharmaceutical industry will be here to take care of your unfortunate and mysterious case and your $$$. And then will start the cycle of:

• Chemo
• Pills
• Surgeries
• Cycle of Emotional distress and Stress
• Death

There is no Cure to restore your DNA information, protect yourself!
Terrible news folks, genetically modified food are everywhere now. this is a disaster for our genetic inheritance and for the generations that will come. Even eating organic will still not be as effective as a few years ago, due to cross contamination, and no one on this planet will be able to stop it.

I can only advise you to eat less of it and the highest quality possible while making some effort to strengthen your immune system as much as possible. If you want me to make a video on that topic, please send me an e-mail and I will be happy to make one for you.

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