Genetically Modified Algae: A Risk-Benefit Assessment

Genetically Modified Algae: A Risk-Benefit Assessment

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As the algae industry continues to invest in the research and development of genetic modification (GM) to optimize biofuels production, biocontainment systems and regulatory policies will play key roles in avoiding potential impacts on the environment. Biocontainment of outdoor algae is challenging due to their small size, ability to disperse over long distances, resistance to desiccation, and the high concentration of cells in pond cultures. GM policies developed for agricultural crops provide a framework for the development of regulation for GM algae. This webinar discusses these issues, as well as examples of algal GM traits engineered by Los Alamos National Laboratory to enhance photosynthesis and biomass productivity with respect to risk analysis.

This is part of the Bioenergy Technologies Office’s ongoing webinar series. The webinars cover many of the BETO’s activities and feature “Hot Topic” discussions that are relevant to the development of renewable fuels, power, and products from biomass resources. More information can be found on the BETO website:

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