Gambling With Gmos

Gambling With Gmos

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Gambling with gmos. Gmos is an acronym for genetically modified organisms. Gmo foods can be classified in two types, that is, herbicide tolerant and pesticide production.

Herbicide tolerant or Roundup ready are foods that have undergone a gene modification that enables them not to die when been sprayed by Roundup, a herbicide that treats weeds. Conversely, pesticide production are foods that have been genetically modified to poison bugs.

Common foods that are gmo are sugar beets, soya, cotton, conola, corn, alfafa. These foods contain the main ingredient called glyphosate which is found in the Roundup product. The reason gambling with gmos is so lethal to our health is that glyphosate is toxic and a likely carcinogenic.

Glyphosate is an anti bacterial, ingestion of gmo crops causes an overgrowth of bad bacteria through the killing of good bacteria by glyphosate. The overgrowth of bad bacteria can produces zonulin which causes a leaky gut. A leaky gut has been linked to colon cancer. Glyphosate also causes inflammation in the gut and inflammation has been linked to cancer. Moreover, glyphosate disables cyp enzymes in the gut and when these enzymes are diabled the body is not able to effectively detoxify. Additionally, glyphosate has been positively linked to birth defects. Gambling with gmos is a health suicide.

Is not easy when buying foods to identify gmos and to get affordable organic foods, however, it is worth the effort. Your family’s health is dependent on your vigilance. So dont gamble with gmos.

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