Fruit & Vegetable PLU Codes Explained

Fruit & Vegetable PLU Codes Explained

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This one I made in order to help those of us concerned with such matters as what’s in the foods we eat, to be more able to recognize the 3 different types of produce available in stores that use price lookup code stickers. Conventionally grown, Organically grown, Genetically engineered. (All things considered: including nothing is 100% reliable!)
Keep in mind that (1) use of these labels is optional (2) stores using these labels use them for their own pricing convenience – not yours. They can place a 4-digit sticker on a gmo product (5-digit) because they want to price it the same as a conventionally grown item. So stick to the organically grown produce, and from your local farmers especially, whenever you can, especially if you want to avoid genetically engineered stuff. (3) The PLU code prefixed with”8″ is no longer being used as far as I know.
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