FOOD – ILLUMINATI’s Secret Weapon – [Part 1]

FOOD – ILLUMINATI’s Secret Weapon – [Part 1]

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FOOD – ILLUMINATI’s Secret Weapon – [Part 1]


Natural non-processed food. Millet, buckwheat, brown rice,pumpkin, greenbeans, numerous kinds of dried beans, potatoes, squash, Free run eggs from local farmers, Clarified butter for cooking, Any fruits that look Non-GMO, brown sugar made from cane, dates, All sort of spices and herbs, All sorts of fish, Learn to make dessert, or juice at home, Buy chocolate from health store, Always read ingredients.


Soyabean, Corn, Canola, any sort of cooking oil, white sugar, corn syrup, any processed food in a package, any meat as they are hormonized. Any marked “Organic” fruits or veg, chocolate, ice-cream, beverages, “Go all natural, completely chemical free, preservatives free, fresh natural foods. Say NO to processed, chemical added foods found in any sorts of package or cans.

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