Emergency Food Supply Preparedness, Quick Meals- Affordable, Non-GMO, YUMMY

Emergency Food Supply Preparedness, Quick Meals- Affordable, Non-GMO, YUMMY

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GOFoods is a premier direct seller in daily use, quick fix, extended shelf-life food. GOFoods healthy, nutritious food reserves are easy to prepare and serve for a meal, storable for future times of need, and easy to share with others.

The unique packaging of GOFoods products makes it possible to store GOFoods meals for many years while maintaining its nutritional value. GOFoods entrées, bakery goods, breakfasts, and beverages are nutritious, free of MSG, GMO’s, trans fats, and hydrogenated oils. The product line includes gluten-free, soy-free, irradiation free, lactose-free and vegetarian products.

All of the GOFoods food products feature the OU (Orthodox Union) Kosher certification, vegetarian, and carry the Nutriversal Seal of Approval. The Nutriversal seal shown on all packages indicates these products have met the highest quality standards in the food service industry and each package delivers the finest food available.

The GOFoods philanthropy model is served through the GOFoods Foundation which partners with charitable organizations around the country providing food in the areas of greatest need. For every ten packages of food purchased by consumers, GOFoods donates one package of food or its equivalent in servings to those who are at risk for hunger.

Enhance your stored food supply today. Good readiness must include storage of high quality food that will build us up rather than tear us down. Much of the storable food available is full of bad fats, salt and sugar and even MSG, not to mention high levels of pesticides and nutrient poor refined foods. Perfect for those people looking to enhance their stored foods with quality, nutritious, real food.

The reality is that during a period of crisis your body and mind will be under tremendous stress. This increased strain can decrease the ability for your immune system to function normally. As your immune functions break down, disease become much more likely and this is absolutely the last thing you need during any type of emergency. This food will help sustain you with high quality, storable foods that are not heavily processed nor nutrient deficient. It provides the nutrition you need for your body to operate at peak levels when you need it the most.

Now is the time to be prepared. With hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, viruses like Ebola plus the man made disasters that often follow or worsen their effects, in addition to all the economic turmoil, we are facing some challenging times. When disaster strikes, few things are more valuable and essential than food.

BUT the great thing is…. this isn’t just for emergencies. You can eat this anytime you want a delicious and quick meal. Great for those with very little time to cook and yet want to eat something nutritious. For busy Moms, busy Professionals, send to your kids in College. Good for hiking and other on the go situations!

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