Eating Organic and avoiding GMO on a budget is possible!

Eating Organic and avoiding GMO on a budget is possible!

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Just a quick and easy Non Gmo recipe I make. Quinoa is a perfect staple superfood loaded with protein, vitamins, and minerals to stay healthy. Especially great for those who want to avoid GMO’s and still stay on a budget. The awesome thing about quinoa is that it makes a bunch of meals and you can add or mix things to your preference. The amount of food in the video only looks small because I was reheating leftovers as a demonstration. Next time I’ll show a complete batch that usually makes up to 3-5 meals. Quinoa has helped me stay healthy and satisfied my hunger while living on a budget. Also before anyone else gives me crap about using “teflon” just wanted to be clear its NOT a teflon pan. They do make toxin and teflon free non stick pans now.

Ingredients call for any brand of organic Quinoa, Organic Kale(or any veggies you prefer), cayenne pepper, sea salt, and coconut aminos which is a great alternative to Soy sauce which is usually GMO. Remember that everyday us an opportunity to eat something Healthy!

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