Dr. Sebi Student: Talks GMO, Fluoride, and more!

Dr. Sebi Student: Talks GMO, Fluoride, and more!

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Benquan X, founder of Original Man Visions LLC. Original Man Visions (http://www.originalmanvisions.com) is a video production company based in Dallas. I started off in High School selling candy to my classmates and eye lashes to the ladies there. Around that time I had just got into filming myself and creating videos that I was proud to say I produced and owned. Being a basketball player I saw myself on TV and fell in love with video and training. Although my love was basketball I always had a camera with me filming stuff. During my High School years I had also got into creating websites to make some extra money. Recently I decided to combine all of the skills I’ve developed to start brands that can provide many services to help others accomplish their goals or help them elevate into the god they are meant to be. My training site is http://www.ballordie.net

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