Dog Food top ten list: “Best Dog Food” for Light Vitality Rating Divine Vibration “Life Force”

Dog Food top ten list: “Best Dog Food” for Light Vitality Rating Divine  Vibration “Life Force”

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This is a divine dowsing rating of commercial dog food on the market today. Patrick discusses which dog foods ranked highest using a 10 star dowsing rating system. Go to the very end where a scrolling of some dog food rated scores on popular brands. Anything under 4 stars in pretty low and void of any life light force. The Force is not with your pet if they eat a Dead Force dog food below 4 stars. It cost more money to buy a higher rated dog food but there are some brands around 5 stars that cost for 35 lbs. Highest rated of all dog foods, though, was Blue Buffalo’s “Freedom” label canned = 7.5 stars.

0= satanic life force, almost poison. Source of manifested darkness in pet industry.

1=Real Bad or non existent life force, toxic on purpose, luciferic influence; 1= SATANIC LUCIFER DISREGARD FOR LIFE…

2=knowingly made with the cheapest ingredients possible, don’t want to know what the subcontractors are doing. Extremely dark energy. Criminal intent. Loaded with waste and harmful by-products.

4= first level of acceptable food for pets in his day and age. Will have to do. Some care given to the manufacturing.

5=average life force quality; balanced, room for improvement but acceptable to serve pet. this food would be better than most pet foods in the market today. Manufacturer is making an effort o produce a decent pet food.

6= awesome food quality for today’s market, usually cost much more, good intention by the manufacturer. Strong light force.

7= highest score for a commercial pet food manufacturer. Dog will glow but it will cost you. the frequency of light and life force will transfer to pet when consumed.

8= very high quality only found in the wilderness of nature! rare at his time. Dog will have to consume animal (i.e. rabbit) immediately.

9= extremely light frequency vibration food, very rare, created with focussed christ mind, will discuss later.

10=superior Christ Frequency Food Pure white/ golden light (no commercial dog food rated this)

(This is the frequency and vibration rating, not the scientific rating of minerals, vitamins, protein etc)
Here is what the Cosmic Christ Vibration (life force) of Dog Food.
That is why so many commercial brands aren’t fit to eat for any pet. I was surprised at the low quality scores of all dog foods, especially of the larger brands and manufacturers. It’s really inexcusable, the government should insist on higher quality food ingredients not sick food filled with pesticides, herbicides, hormones, infested meats, excessive preservatives, fake color and meats of half dead sick farm animals). Stop using GMO foods. The dowsing communicated that the top selling brands (i.e. Purina) dog foods could improve their food by almost 2 stars and keep the price at for a 46 lb bag. But their accountants choose to do otherwise. Their policy could be existential.

Below, Star Rating is after each brand out of 10 stars as the highest quality. This is only a sample, there are really 100s of brands.
This really reveals that the pet food industry needs to shape up and produce decent food products for our animals. They need to get rid of those bean counting accountants and hire people with common sense. Profit isn’t everything!
Blue Buffalo easily the winner overall but Eagle Pack Power bit cheaper and close 2nd) 4 Health best buy for price!
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula canned= 7.0
Purina Dog Chow Dry Regular 1.5 (probably the GMO corn no doubt! )
Purina Beyond 3.0
Pedigree 1.0 (not recommended!)
Royal Canin Anallergenic () 6.0
Diamond Natural Dry (40 lbs) 3.0
Kirkland Signature Canned 4.5 (does kirland have a dry version?)
My home made Chicken breast, brown rice, veg 5.0
Organic My home made Chick breast, b. rice,veg 6.5
4 Health Dry 4.5
Blue Buffalo Life Protection dry 5.5
Blue Wilderness canned 5.5 (owned by blue buffalo but frequency is less in this label).
Blue Buffalo “Freedom” label canned= 7.50 (winner of highest frequency and Life Force dog food on the market)
Purina Pro One 2.0
4 Health canned 5.5 (only 99 cents per can)
Ole Roy .5 (Yikes! that’s half a star! Real dark stuff, )
Alpo Dry 1.0 Wow! , this is not food, we want to know what it is!
Alpo canned 3.5 (this is a big improvement over the dry version)
Blue Buffalo large dog dry 6.0
Blue Wilderness Grain Free Large dog dry 5.5
Taste of the wild Dry 4.0
Taste of the wild canned 5.0
Life’s Abundance dry 3.0 (canned version is 5.0)
Eagle Pack Power dry 40 lbs 6 stars
Best Dog Food? Dowsing Dog Food to Rate and Measure Life Light Force. The Winner is… Any dog food recording 4.0 and above which includes Blue Buffalo canned (a bit expensive), 4 Health (moderate cost) and Royal Canin (very expensive).
Industry Dowsing Freq. Rating Average = 1.5
(this rating is Satanic death frequency for the animals. Feeding any animal this rating is anti-light anti-christ consciousness! Surely darkness manifest on planet earth!

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