China: Genetically Modified Foods Becomes Political Issue

China: Genetically Modified Foods Becomes Political Issue

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is spearheading
a campaign against genetically modified (GMO) foods.
A week ago, it was praising GMO foods.

It was also revealed recently that the CCP Deputy Minister,
who greatly promotes genetically modified foods, is
employed by a U.S. research company in GMO foods.

The CCP has raised party disciplinary principles that
leading officials cannot hold part-time jobs in enterprises.
One week ago, rumors began to spread that
a CCTV host opposing GMO foods resigned.
It is now under question whether the
Deputy Minister facing the same fate?

A GMO and National Security
Seminar was recently held in Beijing.
On October 29, CCP state controlled Xinhua published an
article entitled “GMO: Fake Seeds And Stolen Harvests.”
The article quoted National Defense University
Professor Zhu’s speech given at the seminar.
A Deputy Minister who strongly promotes GMO foods was
once employed by U.S. GMO research company ‘DuPont’.

The article highlighted Article 27 of the State Council’s
Administrative Agency Civil Employees Regulations.
It clearly states that, “those who have part-time
positions in corporations or other businesses
should be demoted or seriously punished.”

They should be “dismissed for serious violations.”

On October 31, Xinhua published an article entitled
‘Officials Must Not Have Part-time Jobs in Enterprises’.
The article claimed that party and
government leaders must not “have both.”
They must not retain civil servant status and related
benefits, and receive compensation from enterprises.
Once verified, those who are in violation should be
severely published according to relevant regulations.

a Po, Beijing Political Observer: “GMO
has become a sensitive political issue.
Supporters and opponents both have deep positions
in the Party, and are backed up by interest groups.
They have the power to publicly denounce each other.”

In July 2013, 61 academics from
Science and Engineering co-signed a letter.
The letter asked the authorities to
industrialize cultivation of transgenic rice.

On October 17, the Ministry of Agriculture
also published an online article.
It stated that is a rumor that GMO
food is carcinogenic or sterile.

A week ago, online rumors indicated CCTV host
Cui Yongruan resigned, after criticizing GMO.
CCP propaganda always states that the U.S.
is a country with large amounts of GMO foods.
Cui Yongruan is investigating GMO foods in the U.S.,
and indicated that he did not find GMO foods in Walmart.

Beijing Youth Daily published an article stating
Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture
Li Jiayang was once a consultant at DuPont.

Netizens posted Dupont website’s screenshots from
January 2012, showing that Li Jiayang has been a member
of the DuPont Biotechnology Advisory Panel since 2007.

DuPont removed Li’s name in
May 2012 after he was reported.

Hua Po: “This is a sadness for China. People’s
fate and lives are controlled by interest groups.
Supporters and opponents are fighting for interests.

They do not care about people’s lives, nor their safety.”

Professor Gu Xiulin, China Southwest University
of Finance, raised questions during the seminar.
Why is China one-sided in transgenic
biology? Why is this side so powerful?
It is because of the 24 billion yuan of benefits to be had.

Gu Xiulin stressed that GMO food cannot enter the market.

GMO foods would destroy farmland,
and destroy plant life itself.
It will have long-term effects on the human
race, and destruction of the biological system.

Gu Xiulin considers that adding GMO
indicators on food labels is to legalize it.

Gu Xiulin: “One cannot simply label GMO on foods.
It should be banned. It is harmful, and not edible.
It must be banned. If it is allowed
on labels, it becomes legal.”

It has been suggested that in 2000, DuPont formed
an independent panel to inform its future plans.
They would help the company
identify critical and emerging issues.
The panel would challenge the company during
development, testing and commercialization
of new products based on biotechnologies.

DuPont website lists Li Jaiyang as a
member from April 2007 to November 2011.

Recently, an internal Chinese military film
called ‘Silent Contest’ was widely spread online.
From the topic of transgenic plants,
the story leads to political transgenic.
The CCP uses “genetically modified” to explain
U.S. infiltration to China, and U.S. harming the CCP.


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