Chemtrails, Vaccines & GMOs: Toxins from Above and Below with Jason Christoff

Chemtrails, Vaccines & GMOs: Toxins from Above and Below with Jason Christoff

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How chemtrails, vaccines, and gmo foods are manipulating the minds and bodies of mankind is explored with Jason Christoff. The elite motivation to automate humanity into a computer class of workers, and how that extends to the practice of inoculating people with mind-numbing chemicals, plus the natural remedies for the pollution is discussed. Questions about HIV & AIDS, and the grim possibility of a post-human society is illuminated in this uncensored Buzzsaw, hosted by Sean Stone.

Jason Christoff is a certified CHEK Exercise Coach and Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level II). Jason started his first fitness facility after graduating from McGill University with a degree in Labour Relations. He went on from there to help many friends open their own fitness facilities. Along the way he opened a couple more of his own as well. In the past couple of years he has focused solely on designing nutrition and weight loss programs that focus on full cleansing of the body and disease reversal. Health through proper nutrition is my passion.


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00:01 Welcoming Jason Christoff to Buzzsaw.
01:04 Chemtrail flu, and toxins from above (and below).
03:44 Ebola and Zika as tools of control and manipulation.
06:46 AIDS and HIV theories and misconceptions.
10:21 The vaccine controversy.
12:44 Controlling the population through vaccines and fluoridation.
14:55 Fast food, soda, and mass consumption of sedative toxins.
17:05 Detoxifying yourself and stabbing at the heart of the dragon.
19:44 The dangers of bottled water–from health to the environment.
21:49 The post-human society imposed by the ruling elite.
25:44 How to exploit the psychopathic tendencies of the powers that be,
27:00 Where to find more.
27:55 Thanks and goodbye.

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