CCN – 35 TRUTH is now ILLEGAL – GMO Labeling

CCN – 35  TRUTH is now ILLEGAL – GMO Labeling

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In this week’s episode, Sibrel discusses the newly enacted Federal Government ban on States’ rights to require Plain and Truthful labeling of GMO ingredients on food sold within their territory.

Sibrel discovered a simple way to outwit the corrupt “voluntary” law, if the 90% of citizens demanding proper labeling continue their vigilance . . . Simply buy nothing unless it says “GMO Free”. Doing so will force GMO labeling from the reverse direction, from the bottom up, of the sly “voluntary” legislation and outsmart the demons at the top of the polluted food chain. Then we will know that anything without the label “GMO Free” contains GMO’s . . . and we can then make our valuable purchasing decisions (in the Billions of dollars together) accordingly.

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“Whole Foods” and Monsanto Now on the Same Team

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