Breast cancer; Minimalism; Human Trafficking; Healthy Almost Vegan Lifestyle Intro Part 1

Breast cancer; Minimalism; Human Trafficking; Healthy Almost Vegan Lifestyle Intro Part 1

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After my 22nd birthday, just a couple days later, my dear mommy passed away from a rare and non-familial form of breast cancer, & human trafficking are what has mainly inspired me to staying healthy, and living with less material things as much as I possibly can.

To help me detach, and prevent myself from buying items I do not need, I only buy items that I eat and/or use in my life that are 1 or more of the following requirements (as much as I possibly can).

Food, and kitchenware:
-Non-GMO Project Verified
-fair trade certified
-sourced in a sustainable and ethical manner
-pesticide free or very low levels your body and liver can easily detoxify
-nutrient dense
-antioxidant rich
-minimally processed
– no or less than 2% of additives, fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial ingredients
– plant-based
-whole fresh food
-gluten free
-high in good fats

-no plastic containers, BPA free plastic lids for my glassware, or very little plastic or recyclable plastic for dry food items purchased in plastic packaging
-Stainless steel
-Cast iron

Any items I use on my body or items I use in my home:
-environmentally friendly
-naturally derived or extracted
-lead, aluminum, mercury free
-cruelty free
-conflict free
-natural fibers, very little or no synthetic fibers

Please see links below to a variety of helpful resources, that relates to our daily lives, so we can all make more conscious choices as more informed individuals.

Vote with your money, and voice your support, by buying from companies that genuinely care.

Take your business elsewhere if a business does not care about the well-being of their employees, customers, and the planet.

What is Human Trafficking?

What is fair trade?

Reputable website with quick easy to understand information on food and nutrition backed by scientific research

What is GMO?

What is GMO?

List of produce that are high in pesticides, when conventionally grown and it is definitely ideal to buy it organic and/or non GMO whenever possible.
Also includes a list of produce that are very low in pesticides so there is no need to buy them organic.

I recommend organic non-GMO corn and papaya. I have read they both have been genetically modified, especially corn. 
There is very affordable frozen organic cut corn in the frozen section of most grocery stores.
Also, for any root vegetables, and fungi /mushrooms , purchasing organic whenever possible because these types of produce tend to absorb what they grown in and around.

Top tips for safer personal care products
Directly from their website,
“EWG created our Skin Deep database as a way to combat the serious deficiencies in cosmetics regulation.”

What is minimalism?

What Is Minimalism?

Zero waste

Apologies with the technical issues: low audio and my phone battery running low, so the video stopped recording in mid sentence.

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