Blue Collar Bunkers – Cheap Survival Shelters w/Food & Water – Living Off Grid in Comfort

Blue Collar Bunkers – Cheap Survival Shelters w/Food & Water – Living Off Grid in Comfort

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Are you looking for a security blanket that could offer solutions in a SHTF scenario? Tired of being stuck inside the beast like system, reliant on the Utility companies to provide the energy that lights up your home? Fed up with the GMO’s and poison infesting the food you buy at the store and the restaurant? Looking for a cheap, efficient way to get off the grid and make a difference? How much is a security blanket that could offer warm shelter, healthy food, clean water and medicinal support for you and your family worth?

Bank Holiday, Mass Food Shortages, Martial Law, EMP’s, Terrorist Attacks, False Flags, Planet X, Civil War, UN Round ups, WW3 are more extreme possibilities. But what if you were just looking for an alternative to the typical grind inside the borg? The Tiny House Movement is in full effect right now as many people are looking for ways to downsize and take care of themselves without the restrains of living in a big city paying a big mortgage and having big bills. Jeff founder of http://www.myozarkhomestead has revolutionized the industry of Survival. with the help of several key players and professionals within Security, Engineering, Healthcare, Farming, N.B.C. solutions that have worked for the government and military My Ozark Homestead offers turn key solutions to long term survival. Most people can’t afford tens of thousands of dollars and thats where http://myozarkhomestead comes in.

Jeff takes us on scene showing Leak Project audience the bounty of clean water, wild edibles, farm animals and self sustainable food sources the Ozarks offer. Also different floor plans of shelters, the “Chaos Bunker” options and images of My Ozark Homestead location.

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