Beware The Night – SOUNDTRACK

Beware The Night – SOUNDTRACK

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Yann Kuhlmann & Lima Ben-Jannet

Titelsong Motion Picture “Rise Of The DarkElves”
Transistor Music & Seamaster Productions Ltd


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Release Date:13-Oct-2015
Label:Seamaster Productions, Ltd. & Transistor Music

Motion Picture
“Rise Of The DarkElves”
out in 2016

Director: Alexander MacG


Beware The Night

I wonder if I got all it takes
to get along with what this madness creates
I believe I might give into my identity
is this just a role I’m playing
or is it me?

dont walk on fire
just find the light
follow your desire
beware the night

I came here to catch up on your drift
while the moon and the sun are trying to prove your gift
now can I help you or should I sooth your pain?
cause I am taking you down, if you dont break the chain

dont walk on fire
just find the light
follow your desire
beware the night


Music & Lyrics written, arranged, produced and performed by Yann Kuhlmann
add.Vocals by Lima Ben-Jannet
Mastering by Zino Mikorey


Making Of: Chris Mo (Ch Mo)
Hair/MakeUp/Styling: Andreea Szemes
Catering & Assistance: Fabio Gasparetto

RISE OF THE DARKELVES ist ein Spielfilm, in dem der alte Kampf der Menschheit “Gut gegen Böse” nicht von uns Menschen allein ausgetragen wird.
Konzernen und der lobbygesteuerten Politik sind genmanipulierte Lebensmittel und ihre Gewinne daraus wichtiger, als die Umwelt und die Menschheit.
Da sich die Menschen hierdurch innerlich und/oder äusserlich in Zombies verwandeln, können nur noch die kampfbereiten Dunkelelfen diesem Treiben ein Ende setzen und die Menscheit vor sich selber retten.
Elfen gegen Konzern Gen-Zombies!
RISE OF THE DARKELVES is a feature film, in which the old struggle of mankind “good versus evil” is not by us humans played alone. For many corporations and lobby policy genetically modified foods and their gains from this are more important than the environment and humanity.
As a result people turn inwardly and/or outwardly into zombies, only the combative Dark Elves can put an end to these doings and save mankind from itself.
Elves fighting coprorate GMO Zombies!

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