Are GMOs Safe To Eat? | Dr. Judy Carman

Are GMOs Safe To Eat? | Dr. Judy Carman

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Dr. Judy Carman, a leading scientist and researcher of genetically modified food explains the potential dangers and adverse health issues that could arise from consuming these products as many of them have not been tested for long term or in some cases even short term side effects before being introduced into our food system.

JUST SAY NO TO GMOs and THEIR TOXIC CHEMICALS – Hawai’i Island Tour with:

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Kauai –
Senior Research Scientist, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT

Dr. Judy Carman, Austrailia –
Scientist, Director of Institute of Health and Environmental Research, Adelaide, Australia

GMO FREE Hawai’i Island –
Seeds of Truth –
Shaka Movement –
Hawaii Seed –
Hawaii Center for Food Safety Action Fund –
Island Naturals –
Senator Russell Ruderman
Beach Road Farms
Backyard Pharms

Esteemed Guest:
Ph.D Candidtate Chialin Huang – College of Education, University of Washington, Seattle
Tung-Jye Wu, Green Formosa Front –

Mahalo to:
Tutu’s House
North Hawaii Educational Research Center – NHERC
West Hawaii Civic Center
Vidura Wickramasinghe

Music by Paul Izak (
Video by NIKA131 (

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