Applegate #FoodRebel GMO Free USA

Applegate #FoodRebel GMO Free USA

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This video was made for the Applegate #FoodRebel Video Contest – contest closed.

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At GMO Free USA we believe Americans deserve food transparency. GMOs haven’t been proven safe for human or animal consumption and independent studies suggest potential harmful effects. GM agriculture’s reliance on toxic pesticides degrades our environment and our health. We need to know if it’s GMO.

Our broken food system can’t be fixed when people are unaware of the problems. In the summer of 2012, we began using Facebook to educate and motivate Americans to take back control of their food. And it’s working. We’ve gone from zero to over half a million followers in just two years, reaching as many as twelve million people in one week. We share news & information about everything from GMOs to pesticides to sustainable alternatives to chemically intensive agriculture. We do it with a flair that inspires our followers to take action, which in turn affects the market. We encourage them to take part in shaping local and national regulations that affect us all. And when they share and educate others on social media and in their daily lives, our impact is multiplied.

And now, we’re launching a program to test for GMOs and glyphosate in name brand foods to give Americans the transparency that they deserve.

We’re committed to being a catalyst for change. Food transparency. Food justice. For all.

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