Let’s Release a Bunch Of Modded Mosquitoes Onto Florida!

Let’s Release a Bunch Of Modded Mosquitoes Onto Florida!

Guess Where Millions Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Set To Be Released!

The site AnonHQ.com released a story that, once again, puts a spotlight on the lack of rigorous scientific study prior to releasing modified organisms into the wild that seems to be a occurring with more and more frequency around the globe.

In this case, millions of modified mosquitoes are being introduced as a way to combat Dengue and chikungunya (never heard of this, btw).  You will never guess where this release of millions of Modified Mosquitoes is occurring.

I do know for a fact that Brazillians are quite frightened of contracting Dengue fever and there are many government initiatives aimed at trying to protect babies and the elderly especially from getting the disease.  But I just don’t remember the last time Florida??!! had a deadly outbreak of Dengue or chikungunya.

Is this is a prophylactic move by scientists eager to save Florida’s aging population? Or is this profit motivated irresponsibility?  What is your opinion?

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Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes are set to be released in Florida. It’s a move from biotech company Oxitec, who already released GM olive flies into the Cayman Islands environment as a way to combat wild pests that damaged crops.[1]


The move to introduce the non-native GM mosquito into Florida, is to curb the rising numbers of dengue fever and chikungunya, both carried and spread by the Aedes mosquitoes. However, though the rise is undoubtedly occurring with both diseases, only 11 patients contracted chikungunya in 2014, and the CDC states that it is rare to find a case of dengue fever in the United States. [2]


It raises the question then, why would you introduce a genetically modified insect into an ecology already struggling, without conducting full studies into the consequences? The area of GM insects has little to no rules governing the procedures taking place in the labs. It is also interesting to note that Oxitec has released GM mosquitos into the Cayman Islands, Malaysia and Brazil and is developing GM agricultural pests, jointly with Syngenta, the seed company.[5] Furthermore, Oxitec “chose a British Overseas Territory with no biosafety law (Cayman Islands) as the site for the first open releases of GM insects in the world”.[6]

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Read more about Oxitec’s unregulated release of genetically modified animals at Anonymous. Article excerpts  and photos courtesy AnonHQ.com.

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