All Vegetable Cooking Oils – the most Dangerous thing you Consume

All Vegetable Cooking Oils – the most Dangerous thing you Consume

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The corporate industrial food stuff scientists have managed to produce an ingredient that that behaves like naturally occurring oils. These oils are very very cheap due to the enormous subsidies paid to the GMO corn, soy, safflower, rapeseed (canola) and safflower producers.

Further fuelled by the demonisation of healthy Saturated Fatty Acids.

Seed oils interact with the human metabolism and the body does not know how to treat them, it treats them normally and uses them in cell construction, however they are far from normal. The manufacturing process renders these oils rancid and loaded with free-radicals which cause damage to our cells internally.

These industrial oils have no place in the human diet but they do produce huge profits for the corporate manufacturers.

BioChemist Dr Mary Enig produced a ground breaking study which was buried. Her lecture presented here by Sally Fallon. it’s a bit long but a very important presentation.

Vegetable Oil industry Criminality is Fact

Underground wellness

How Vegetable oils are made. They stop short of informing the viewer that the heat damages the molecular structure of the oil causing free radicals, and that the oil is rancid requiring bleaching and chemical deoderising.

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