7 Food Modifications To Avoid

7 Food Modifications To Avoid

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7 Food Modifications To Avoid
7 Food Modifications To Avoid
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Since the advent of modern food production after World War II, corporations have used a number of methods to boost sales of highly processed food products. These chemical modifications are not necessarily beneficial to the consumer, but they do benefit the corporations. Despite all the news about genetically modified organics (GMO’s) in recent years, they have been around for over 30 years.
Toxic chemicals have been introduced into food production at almost every stage. Chemical pesticides kill pest and insects where food grows. During production, more chemicals are added to fight mildew and mold. Other chemicals are added to fight bacteria and fungus. Still, even more are added to make foods look more attractive and give them a longer shelf life. And if that wasn’t enough, more chemicals are added to enhance the flavor that the other chemicals have killed off. The end results are food products that are riddled with artificial substances which lead to depression and anxiety. People then turn to modern medicine for help and receive even more chemicals to help regulate these issues.
The habitual consumption of overly processed foods means the body of the average person contains poisons that no one would willingly put into their body. If an unwell individual could prove that their health issues were related to chemicals in their food, who would they sue? Because the practice is so widespread, it would be impossible to pinpoint the blame on a single corporation. Even if a lawsuit was brought to one of these corporations, no one would hold them accountable for their actions.
The sinister corporate food industry has proven that they have little concern for the well-being and health of Americans. Other companies are no better, investing resources to promote crazy medicines and toxic vaccines which are supposed to fix the problems caused by the foods we eat. As a result, the average American is made sicker and sicker by the foods that are supposed to nourish them.

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