5 Creepiest Things Hidden in Your Food

5 Creepiest Things Hidden in Your Food

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Strange, mysterious and scary secrets found in the food you eat every day.

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Presenting the 5 scariest things allowed in your food, including natural flavors like Castoreum – a vanilla-like chemical secreted from a beaver’s butt, mysterious patented chemicals, creepy bugs, sawdust, and GMO foods with genetically modified viruses.

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Dig Deeper
Castoreum: http://bit.ly/1z4mioi
FDA Food Defect Action Levels: http://1.usa.gov/ZB4xwM
Cochineal bugs: http://bit.ly/1sxhfIg
Effect of Food Azo Dye Tartrazine on Learning and Memory: http://1.usa.gov/1o7HTHY
Hidden Viral Gene: http://bit.ly/ZWExfV

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