3 Tips To Avoid Buying Unhealthy Food Without Even Knowing It

3 Tips To Avoid Buying Unhealthy Food Without Even Knowing It

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Eating GMO food, highly processed and loaded with additives, sugar and other chemicals without even knowing it??
This is a nightmare especially for parents with kids.
However as the food industry wants to make money, the actual “food design” has become less and less important.
On the same token, did the money companies invest in launching new food products increase.
But companies do no longer invest time and money in the quality of the products, but only in their taste and marketing.
The problem is that most governments do support those giant corperations, by making laws more loose.
Companies do not have to declare all ingredients anymore, can claim a product to be “oragnic” more easy and on top of that all have discovered our kids as target audience for food consumption.
It is almost a crime to me how you are allowed to package and label products that consist over 50% of sugar as “healthy breakfast cerial”
This is a crime to our children!

In this video I want to give you some good tips on how you stay in charge and can identify good foods.
And I mean REAL good foods, as in “HEALTH”-foods.
GMO foods and refined sugar should be banned from our kitchen, and it is in our power to do exactly that!

Please make sure to ALWAYS read the ingedients list of the products you consume and give to your kids.
Do NOT pay any attention to the shiny package.
It means nothing.
All that counts is what is inside the box.
If you read the ingerdients list, and it feels more like reading a precription of a medicament or drug, you know you should not touch it, buy it, or even think of consuming it.

Did you know that there are products out there, where the actual package does contain more nutrients than the actual food!!?
Means that you would be more healthy off eating the package.

It´s a crazy world, but don´t worry. We got your back!
You stay in charge on what actually will be consumed in your family, if you follow the advice we give here in this video!

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Ka and Katie Sundance & kids
from The Rawfoodfamily

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