21 Days to a Juicy Life – Day 4 Foods I Avoid Eating

21 Days to a Juicy Life – Day 4 Foods I Avoid Eating

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Hey friends, welcome to our Day 4 where I am excited to share with you 3 food groups I avoid and how much that has changed my life.

I started getting onto my juicy path with smoothies first thing in the morning. Before I discovered green smoothies I was making coconut meat, coconut water, raw chocolate and hemp seed smoothies.

They were rich, creamy and fatty and filled me up every morning. (will make you “how to” video soon).

Then I discovered green smoothies and started adding more and more raw fruits and vegetables into my diet.

My next step was to slowly start removing foods that were natural allergens to my body. I started to reduce wheat, dairy and soy.

We are all allergic to these 3 food groups in some way or another. Our symptoms or reactions might be mild – a little tired or stuffy nose to more severe Celiac disease where your body is in a toxic shock.

I used to think that waking up with a stuffy nose every morning was a normal thing but then when I cut out wheat out of my diet I could breathe completely clear. Then when I would eat wheat, the next morning my nose was stuffed up again and I saw the connection clearly.

The body has to fight wheat, dairy and soy out of the body. So the body naturally will produce symptoms to show its dis-ease.

Wheat or the gluten found in wheat will slow the body down. I find I get more tired when eating wheat, my nose is stuffy and my stomach feels bloated.

Soy affects your hormone levels, is acidic to the body, causes flem and mucous as the body is fighting off the allergen, and most soy is genetically modified.

Dairy causes flem and mucous in the body. Is acidic to the body. And conventional milk is full of puss, antiobiotics, steroids, GMOs and other nasties. Once milk has been pasteurized it is no longer healthy for the body but actually harmful. No baby cow could survive on cooked milk, the nutrients are dead.

I found that reducing my intake of the 3 above food groups my energy was high, I felt great in my body, My body toned up, My eczema and skin allergies went away, My allergies went away and My body felt great.

Basically my body was inflamed with the acidic milk, wheat and soy – by reducing and removing these foods out of my diet, my body was able to calm down and the inflammation completely cooled off.

I will eat the odd croissant or french pastry (cuzy why not its a chocolate croissant and who can resist)….I will have whipping cream or creamer in my coffee sometimes….and I am never tempted to eat soy so I dont.

I’m a European, I like yummy white fluffy bread and yummy cappuccinos!

And the most important is I am aware what food makes my body feel great and what food makes my body feel lousy. So I eat as much of the stuff that makes me feel great and I know I am laying a deeper foundation of health in my body. I am cleansing and healing and youthening for the long term.

I invite you to take on reducing or removing wheat (gluten), soy and dairy out of your diet and see how you feel.

If you need more guidance and you need to learn some amazing recipes then check out my 30 online video program to learn, wheat, dairy, soy free recipes and learn how to really feed your body and feed your kids. Its a video classroom to take your health to another level.

If you want the support, then join me….Eat Juicy Level 2 & Level 3 Health Class

Thanks for watching and see you next tomorrow on Eat Juicy TV for Day 5.



Juicy Life Activist & Green Smoothie Gangster



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