11 Most Dangerous Beaches Around the World

11 Most Dangerous Beaches Around the World

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From a beach that has actual landmines still in the sand to a beach so haunted you won’t want to visit, here are the most dangerous!

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5. Japan West Coast
Japan might not be known exactly for it’s beach tourism but that’s most likely because they’ve been getting swarmed by nuclear radiation jellyfish, especially on the west coast along the sea of Japan. The Sea of Japan is one of the world’s most productive bodies of water when it comes to finding fish for consumption, accounting for 5 percent of the world’s global fish catch in 2009. However, in recent years it seems as though the easiest thing for fisherman here to catch is jellyfish…

4. Beaches of the Irish Sea
Thanks to the Sellafield nuclear fuel reprocessing and decommissioning site, located east of the Isle of Man, beaches along the Irish sea are severely contaminated with radiation. Today, the Irish is now most likely the most heavily contaminated sea with radioactive debris than anywhere in the world. It might be too cold for many people to swim here anyways, but it’s not just the waters that are contaminated but the beaches as well! Sand and spray turns into into radioactive dust that makes many people question even taking a walk on the beach. Greenpeace states that nearly 8 million litres of nuclear waste are pumped each day into the Irish Sea from the Sellafield plants. Many beaches in Dublin wear closed in 2016 due to sewage pollution as well after detected microbiological contamination. Fish, shellfish and sea plants contain extraordinarily high levels of radiation.

3. Crimean Beaches
Crimea used to be an ideal place to soak up the slavic sun and has many miles of beautiful coastline. The economy here is heavily reliant on tourism but in recent years it’s become one of the more dangerous beaches to come to. Crimea is located in the Northern area of the Black Sea and it was home to one of the biggest crisis between Russia and the West since the cold war. Russian separatists wanted to split from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. 2.3 million people who live here, consider themselves to be ethnically russian and speak russian as their first language. In 2014, the separatists finally got their wish. People who opposed of the annexation are meant with unfair treatment. Many Ukrainians have lost the opportunity to visit their families who live in this unstable region. Just recently in 2016, Ukraine engaged in dangerous missile tests just 90 kilometers from Crimea. Russia also prepares for war in this region with large scale military drills like you can see in this photo.The political instability and civil unrest, make Crimea a dangerous place to stay.

2. Cloud 9, Philippines
Cloud 9 is an internationally famous resort especially for surfers who even compete at competitions here. Located on the island of Siargao, going here, and much of southern Philippines, to catch some waves in recent years, might become the last surfing trip you make in your life. Gold Coast Surfer Pro was lucky to survive a beating, when he was bashed by 5 men before entering a surf competition, in september 2015. He was knee deep in water, when ruthless thugs wielding bats and bottles, that you see here in this photo. He doesn’t exactly understand what he did wrong, and the motive didn’t seem to be robbery motivated. The Southern region of the Philippines is also believed to be an aggressive training ground for terrorists and pirates who conduct kidnappings. These aren’t the kind of pirates you see with cool hats, eye patches and parrots. If these guys come across some vessels, the crews are robbed and the boats are stripped of its cargo.

1.The Gulf of Guinea
If a mixture of ebola, zika virus, unbelievable pollution, dangerous animals and now the large surge of pirates, in the area doesn’t make this place worthy of a number one, we’re not exactly sure what does. The Somali coast has recently seen a large decline in pirates, while the west coast of guinea, have seen a startling increase. In 2015, the Gulf of Guinea 2015 pirate attacks, which is about 4 times as much as the eastern waters of Africa. Many of these pirates and criminals make themselves comfortable along the gulf of Guinea. The government of Canada released a warning to all those considering travel to Guinea, Claiming that fraud, piracy in coast, shortages of fuel and clean water, terrorism, and violent crime were all things to be aware of here. Accra, the coastal capital of Ghana, there was actually a fake US embassy that was shut down. There’s just too many reasons you should really avoid beaches along the Gulf of Guinea.

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