#1 Fran Murrell; GMOs, MADGE.org.au

#1 Fran Murrell; GMOs, MADGE.org.au

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MADGE – Fran Murrell
What does MADGE stand for?
“Mothers Are Demystifying Genetic Engineering”
“Mothers Advocating Deliciously Good Eating”

Fran Murrell is one of the co-founder’s of MADGE along with Jessica Harrison and Glenda Lindsay. They started MADGE in 2007 because the Victorian Government’s ban on growing GM canola was about to expire in 2008.
They are a group of self-funded volunteers who are motivated by the concerns about what is happening to our food.
MADGE knows that most people have no idea what GM is or, that they are likely to be eating it every day. Almost all GM ingredients are unlabeled. Therefore, even if people want to avoid eating GM, it is very hard to do. They think that this is an unacceptable experiment on the general public.

GM, GMO, GE….what’s it all about?
Fran Murrell kindly explains to us all about GMOs and why we should pay more attention to them.

I hope you enjoy the interview…please leave us a comment below & let us know your thoughts on this very controversial subject.
Health, happiness & abundance
mt xx

Discussion Points
[0:37] What is madge.org.au
[1:43] What is GM/GMO
[3:37] GM crops in Australia
[5:48] Hazards of eating GM foods
[9:09] Labelling of GM foods
[10:13]How to shop GM free
[16:02]MADGE website speakers on GM

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